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Up on Holy Cross our field work varies week to week, Our tasks bounce around from rock work and other trail maintenance to patrolling campsites.  Sometimes we hike to alpine lakes throughout the Holy Cross Wilderness to see what kind of impact people are putting on these precious riparian zones, remove trash that is left behind as well as dispersing illegal campsites.  I’d like to say the Holy Cross position really mixes our duties up, therefore we get a taste of it all.

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I’d like to give y’all a glimpse into what a day is like for Will and I:

4:45am Alarm sounds, snoozin’ for 15-30minutes.

5:10am Boots laced up, out of tent. We make tea and eat a hot breakfast, and are ready to hike up by 5:45am.

6:30am – 2:30pm Arrive to the worksite. Stretch. Begin rolling rocks, placing steps, say hi to hikers, lots of crushing rock is in store for the day.  Occasionally there’s our neighborhood chipmunk we must ward off of our bags, the chirping marmots we bow down too, and the pika who we say good afternoon to.

3:30pm We return to camp, take a load off and begin cooking dinner.

5:30-6:30pm. Will and I begin to patrol campsites, this entails making contacts with campers, going over regulations of camping at East Cross Creek and checking out bear hangs.  On a busy Saturday, we have the challenge of squeezing many tents into one campsite!  Never a dull moment on Holy Cross.

8:30pm. Time for bed!

I’ve failed to mention all the interesting noises, conversations ideas that Will and I discuss throughout the day. We make the best out of our day and I couldn’t ask for a better co-worker.  Keep those questions coming hikers!

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This past week we had our direct sign up from the CFI website volunteers and what a treat it was to have so many helpful hands!  We moved over 40 rocks for potential steps, and then placed 11 steps the next day.  Thank you for all the help, laughs and fun!

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Christina Cultrara

Hi there, the name is Steena and this is my fourth year working with CFI. I am originally from the beautiful Rust Belt of Buffalo, New York. Before CFI, I spent three years working trails in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Northern California and Arizona. Its great to be back in Colorado this summer. In my off time I enjoy film photography and a multitude of crafting. I try to get out and sleep under the stars as much as I can.