When I decide to ponder about how working with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative has changed my views on trail work and the future of what that means to me, I often reflect on this job I have taken:

Many places, many people

and sides of rock faces.

Different paths and trials to face,

with changing conditions, inhibitions, and tempers at stake.


I stop and consider, than rather be bitter

for at times it’s solitude, wind and talus I crave.

Yet I’ve seen the destruction, in blinded corruption

the vile deduction of freedom can taste.

And further delusion, to stem our conclusions

if dual-understanding could only grace this place.

My hands still they tremble, these words must assemble

this task doesn’t choose you, don’t you mistake.

Adopt-a-Peak, Adopt-a-Crew

You Could Be, Adapt-a-You.

Fresh eyes, new view

and the taste of earth, sun, and rain.

Christopher Kucich

My name is Christopher Kucich, I am coming to Colorado after living in Missoula, MT and gaining 4 years of trail experience there. I spent most of my time working in the Wilderness areas, predominantly the Scapegoat and the Selway-Bitterroot, but also have some experience in the Nez Perce and River of No Return in Idaho. My favorite trail tool is a pick mattock, because it can do every job you need it to in many of trail maintenance prescriptions. My favorite trail so far this season is Missouri/Belford/Oxford because misery loves company. This is my first season with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative as an Adopt-a-Peak crew lead. Best trail quote I’ve ever heard: “I’m just here for the food and the views.”