Summer has finally arrived (for a while I was thinking it wasn’t coming this year) and phase two of the El Diente project is in full swing! Phase two is all about restoration of the old trail that which we re-routed last season. We are all packed in, camp is set-up, the crew has spent one 8-day work hitch with us thus far, and things are moving along. The brand new and much improved approach from the Kilpacker Basin side of El Diente, the trail we built last year, will officially be open this week!

pic1.jpgPreparing the horses to pack-in the base camp

pic3.jpgTwo members of the Southwest Conservation Corps creating and installing waddles to restore the previous route through Kilpacker Basin on El Diente

pic4.jpgMore restoration work being done on the old route through Kilpacker Basin


Tom Cronin

Hey, my name is Tom Cronin. Originally from western New York I have been in Colorado on and off for about four and a half years. I first moved to Breckenridge in 2007 to pursue my passion for skiing. Since then I have found endless opportunities for outdoor recreation here in Colorado, and spend as much time outside as possible.