SUPPORT CFIEvery donation counts!

SUPPORT CFIEvery donation counts!

Donations from individual Fourteener enthusiasts play a critical role in CFI’s field successes. Gifts match restricted grants, while funding expenses many foundations and corporations will not cover, such as feeding field crews and transporting crews and supplies to remote trailheads.

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All Quiet on the Holy Cross Summit

The question of Wilderness has been plaguing my brain this past season.  I’ve worked trails in multiple states throughout the last three years and I … Read More >>

Moments of Education in Trail Work

I meet tons of volunteers as part of the Adopt a Peak crew with CFI. I often must introduce them to the importance of practicing … Read More >>

My Job as a Trail Builder

I consider trail building an art.  I have spent eight seasons constructing trails all over the country, and I have had the pleasure of working … Read More >>

Fourteener Climbing 101: Intro to Wilderness

A few years ago I spent the summer working on San Luis peak, Colorado’s least visited Fourteener. In total we spent two years working on … Read More >>

A Game of Cat and Mouse

Thunderstorms approach Head down under tree cover Sky Crackles with Light Part of working in these mountains is accepting the constant cycle of storms that … Read More >>

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