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This season on the trail with CFI has produced many memorable and exciting moments with youth from across the country. This summer, many young men and women will spend their hard earned summer days giving back to the environment- and more specifically, to ecosystems in and around the Colorado 14ers. This new movement of young outdoor enthusiasts has changed the way we as crew leaders look at volunteer work on our mountains.

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Seeing this kind of passion, hard work and a thirst for knowledge from our nation’s youth can only be described as awesome! This generation of kids will be next in line to protect and defend the wild places of this planet, especially places like the 14ers that are in need of so much help and support. It is of the utmost importance to educate and instill ethical environmental principles in our youth and allow them to grow as stewards and new leaders for the future.

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Devin Olson

Hi there! My name is Devin, and this year I am excited to be co-leading one of the Apot-a-Peak crews and working on 14ers throughout the state. I have worked with the CFI crew in the past, and I am thrilled to be returning again this summer!