Group Projects & Corporate Partnerships

CFI’s “Adopt-a-Peak” program partners with organized groups of volunteers to perform valuable trail maintenance and vegetation restoration work. Through this unique program, CFI provides trained crew leaders, fully planned projects, and all the trail tools and group equipment needed to perform a stewardship project. Partner organizations bring a group of volunteers ready to have fun protecting a Fourteener.

Performing Fourteener stewardship work provides numerous benefits to groups and individuals:

  • Trail maintenance and restoration work is fun, builds camaraderie, and can become an anticipated annual event for an organization or business
  • Hands-on stewardship activities bring satisfaction knowing your work will benefit the mountains and Fourteener hikers for generations
  • Adopting a peak can give your business or group valuable public exposure to hikers, climbers, and the broader community
  • Giving back is a great way to meet people while spending time in some of Colorado’s most beautiful places

To make the Adopt-a-Peak partnership mutually beneficial, CFI asks that groups commit to provide the following on an annual basis:

  • Recruit and provide at least 20 person-days of volunteer labor — either 10 volunteers for a two-day project or 20 volunteers for a one-day project. (Wilderness regulations may limit group size for some peaks.)
  • Coordinate transportation and ensure all volunteers show up at the trailhead with required personal equipment.
  • Business partners are encouraged to make a cash donation to help defray program-related operating expenses. Sponsors are recognized on CFI’s website and in print and electronic communications.

In return, CFI provides everything that is needed to perform a successful volunteer project, including:

  • Trained project leaders who plan all anticipated field projects, meet the group at the trailhead, teach safety procedures, and lead volunteers in all project tasks
  • All tools, equipment, and supplies needed to complete the planned trail construction and vegetation restoration projects
  • Workers’ compensation coverage (through the Forest Service) in the unlikely event volunteers are injured while working on the project
  • Coordination with the Forest Service to ensure all projects comply with established laws, regulations, and policies.

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