Mount Sherman

Recommended Route Fourmile Creek Route—use of this route will help to reduce impacts to this Fourteener’s fragile alpine environment. For detailed route information including pictures, maps, and elevation profiles, click here.

Route Information and Additional Resources The trailhead is located south of Fairplay and eight miles west on Fourmile Creek Road, past the town of Leavick. The route passes Dauntless Mine and goes up to the Sherman-Sheridan saddle, then heads northeast up the ridge to the summit of Sherman.

Please note that the Sacramento Creek Trailhead—although it is listed in some of the guidebooks—is on private property, and should not be used.

The above information does not replace the need to consult additional maps and Colorado Fourteener guidebooks for more detailed route descriptions. We suggest checking multiple resources before departing on any hike. Keep in mind that not all guidebooks list this recommended route and that each guidebook’s description or route name may vary slightly.