Colorado Fourteeners Initiative will have an expanded field presence in 2013. We are looking for 16 enthusiastic, hard-working seasonal staff leaders/members to complete these projects over the summer and early fall, including an intern to occupy the privileged space of the Kimberly Appelson Memorial Outdoor Leadership Internship. Applicants must be available to work from late May/early June through late September/early October, with the exception of the Holy Cross Wilderness Management team, which will conclude in early September. Applications must be submitted by Friday, March 1.

Experienced trail crew leaders are needed for:

Fixed site Project Managers (7 positions): CFI Project Managers will work in leadership teams of 2-3 to implement remote, single site projects on Maroon Peak, San Luis Peak, and Mt. Eolus. While each peak is unique in its location and the scope of work to be performed, all crew leaders will oversee both youth corps crews of 8-12 members and volunteer groups in reconstructing summit trails and performing restoration work.

2013 Project Manager Positions

Roving Backcountry Crew:
Leader (1 position)
Members (3 positions)
The Roving Backcountry trail maintenance crew will focus on significant trail maintenance projects statewide, usually working independently, though occasionally overseeing volunteer projects.

Roving Backcountry Crew Positions

Mt. of the Holy Cross Wilderness Management Team: Wilderness Technicians (2 positions)
The Mt. of the Holy Cross Wilderness Management Team will perform a wide variety of wilderness management related tasks including but not limited to: maintaining trails, maintaining campsites, restoring damaged areas, closing and restoring social trails, enforcing wilderness regulations, contacting and interacting with hikers to educate and inform them about regulations, installing signs and posting updated restrictions, and leading volunteers.

Holy Cross Wilderness Team

Restoration and Volunteer Leadership Specialist: The Restoration and Volunteer Leadership Technician will focus on North Maroon Peak, implementing restoration projects related to CFI’s newly constructed (2012) route. This position will oversee numerous volunteer groups on 1-4 day projects. As a secondary focus, the Restoration Technician will assist the Fixed site team and youth corps group with trail construction on Maroon peak.

Restoration and Volunteer Leadership Specialist

Adopt-a-Peak Volunteer Leadership Position:
The Adopt-a-Peak crew will primarily prepare logistics for and supervise volunteer groups  on 1-4 day projects, usually on the highly impacted peaks in the Front, Tenmile/Mosquito, and Sawatch Ranges. Additionally the crew will supplement these projects with maintenance work on 14ers statewide.

Volunteer Leadership Position

Colorado Fourteeners Initiative

Colorado Fourteeners Initiative protects and preserves the natural integrity of Colorado’s 54 14,000 foot peaks – the Fourteeners – through active stewardship and public education.