This has been a late start to the trail season, but regardless of the time of year, when trails start to thaw out from the snow the same obstacles still occur.



Major obstacles are downed trees in all sizes and in many forms. Some could be a single small leaner; others can be multiple clusters or just a good size log right in the middle of the trail.


Other obstacles consist of creeks turning into ragging tributaries.


Along with muddy trails even trying to find adequate water sources while camping in the backcountry. This is why it is so important for proper gear such as: sturdy hiking boots, ice axes, gators and trekking poles.


Dana Young

I’m Dana Young, Seasonal Trail designer for CFI. I have been with CFI for four seasons and LOVE what I do. I get to spend a lot of time on the mountain observing the trails and assisting in designing sustainable trails for all to enjoy. I have lived in the high Rockies of Colorado for a little over 4 years, originally coming from the west coast. Although I do miss the ocean from time to time there’s nothing that will ever compare to these regal mountain tops.